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Political Action
Apr 10, 2018

A local teachers union has provided some talking points that you can use when you are talking to your co-workers, friends and family about the importance of sticking with our union. In these talking points, they have compiled some points that you can bring up for many of the most common reasons that people often bring up for leaving a union.

In Workplaces without a Union

  • There is no freedom of speech: If you speak out if turn you can be punished and even terminated.
  • There is no freedom of the press: If you issue your own publication, such as a flyer, you can be punished.
  • You are guilty until proved innocent: An employer can terminate you for any reason or no reason at all, as long as you cannot demonstrate that such termination was due to a violation of your statutory rights e.g., against unlawful discrimination.

In the absence of either special litigation or organization in the workplace, so-called property rights trump your personal civil liberties. The nonexistence of workplace rights proves that unions are just as relevant as they ever were. Especially since there is no indication that Congress or most state legislatures will be taking steps through self-organization to guarantee that their rights and voices are respected.

"Why Should I Join the Union"

  • I can't tell you why you should join the union but I can tell you why I joined, then share your story.
  • Our union is only as strong as its members.  It goes far beyond membership. We need engagement, ideas, and spirit from as many of us as possible.
  • Describe the vision with no union, then ask is that what you want?
  • Having a union changes the basic power relationship at work.  With a union, our employer cannot make changes in our working conditions unless they are negotiated with us.  Any benefits or working conditions covered by our contract are protected.  Without a union, employers have almost all the rights.  They can change our pay and working conditions at any time as long as they do not violate certain laws.  Any benefits you receive are at the discretion of our employer.

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