AccuHealth Co-Pays

President's Message
Apr 2, 2019

On Monday, March 18, 2019, we were informed by AccuHealth that as of January 2019 they would have to send out co-payment invoices to members for diagnostic tests performed. Their marketing material never indicated anything to us, or our members, that they would be doing that.  In fact their marketing material specifically said that there would be no co-payments.

Joey Gagnon and I met with AccuHealth representatives John Quinn and Matthew Pfaeffle on March 21 to discuss our displeasure with the lack of communication from their organization in regard to this change in policy concerning co-payments. The representatives from AccuHealth took complete ownership of their failure to communicate with anybody concerning this change in policy.  When asked if they could waive the co-payments incurred between Jan. 1 and March 21 due to their misrepresentation about co-payments, they indicated that they could not because they were mandated by law to send out the invoices. AccuHealth is an extremely valuable and life saving benefit that gives the member an opportunity to get a complete physical examination, right outside their workplace. The Executive Board is going to continue to allow AccuHealth to have access to our membership despite their new policy concerning co-pays and their failure to communicate that change to our members.  We feel that it is up to the individual member to decide, knowing that there may be a co-payment,  whether he or she wants to take advantage of this great benefit.  A letter from AccuHealth to our membership can be found by clicking here.  If you have any questions, please feel to call to call AccuHealth at the number provided in their letter.  You can ask for Matthew Pfaeffle. Please note, co-pays, if any, would only be for diagnostic tests and not for the actual physical exam.

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