Hearing Aid Benefit

  • Full time employees and eligible dependents
  • Retirees and eligible dependents

Benefit Defined: The Fund will pay one claim up to $525 towards the cost of a hearing aid for each person eligible for this benefit once every four (4) calendar years commencing with the year of service. Covered expenses are limited to charges for the cost and installation of a hearing aid as prescribed by an Otologist, Audiologist, or Physician. The Fund will provide a $75 benefit for the repair of a hearing aid once every four years. The benefits are non-cumulative.


  • Expenses for which benefits are payable under Workers Compensation Law.
  • Expenses for which benefits payable under Medicare or other Government Plan.
  • Special procedure training such as lip reading courses, schooling or institutional services.
  • Medical or surgical treatment of the ear or ears.

Participating Providers: While in no way endorsing the use of Participating Providers members may choose a participating provider who has agreed to provide specific benefits within the reimbursement allowance provided by the Fund.

Coordination of Benefits: This benefit must be coordinated with any health insurance or other plan which provides coverage for hearing aids.

Filing Requirements:
Claims must be submitted to the Fund Office no later than 12 months from the date of service.

Limitations: A person may not have coverage as both an Eligible Employee and/or Retiree and as a dependent.

Who is Eligible:

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